God’s Grace

I am not writing this to sound like some holier than though holy roller. I am writing this in the hopes that someone might read this and learn something that took me 33 years to get. 

I was saved as a pre-teen in vacation bible school. Church became very scary for me. I felt that everyone in there seemed to be pretty close to perfect and I knew I was far from that and would never be perfect. The further I ran from God the more I needed forgiveness for. I could not forgive myself how could God forgive me.  Why would

Hhe want a relationship with me? A sinner.

What I have learned is that God seeks a relationship with us.  He knows when He saves us all the bad/stupid things you have done, but he also knows all the bad/stupid things we will do.  He still wants a realtionship with us. YOU WILL NEVER BE PERFECT and no one else with be either. It is ok.

When we give our life and heart to God, He lives in us! You will change. You will feel convinction when you sin.  That is Him telling us that is probably not a good decision. 

God makes you clean and new. He forgives you for all your sins.  the hardest part for me is to forgive myself, I think I still struggle with that.

I will close by saying that, God’s grace is amazing.  There is no one worthy of it but yet He gives it to us. WOW! I am glad that I don’t have to run anymore. I know that storms will come my way, but I am building my foundation with Rock and it is anchored in JJesus and when the storms come my house will not fall, but stand.

Thank you God! I love you!


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