Happy Father’s Day



I lost my step-day on December 27, 2008. His death came pretty quick and unexpected. Although I am not sure if any of us are we capable of “expecting” our loved one to die. I think our heart always carries hope. Hope that things will change or get better.

He is not here for me and my family to spend the day with him, so I found a card that I will put on his grave. It was hard to find one that was appropriate. Most of the cards said wishing you a relaxing day or something like that. The one I found simply read, ” Across the miles—–It’s hard being so far away, but I hope you know you’ve made our family life so much richer by being a part of it… and you’re being thought of with love today.”  Perfect! As I was writing inside the card, I started listing all the things I miss about him. I decided I wanted to post this in a blog so that 10 years from now I will NOT forgot all these things.

Dear Roo,

I miss you every single day! I miss getting to talk to you- even when you were “grumpy” lol  (P.S. you never scared me)  I miss your laugh. I miss they way your eyes lite up when your grandchildren walked into the room.  I miss coming over on Sundays and seeing you outside washing the cars. I miss the way you would blame me when you were being bad–even if I was out of town, you would say Jennifer did it.

I miss the way you would sneak and give Devan anything he asked for even when I said NO. I miss the way you loved me.  I miss the way you loved Derrick, Devan and my mom. I miss the way you truly loved your son. I miss the way you became a father to Derrick, you took him under your wing and taught him so much. I miss your fudge. I miss getting to fuss at you for eating candy and things filled with sugar. I miss being with you in Gatlinburg. I miss having you to call when I have a question about anything especially regarding my car. I miss going shopping with you–you always made me laugh, you are very hard to keep up with in a store.  I miss walking in the house and hearing your music playing and seeing you sitting at the kitchen table. I miss pulling in the driveway and seeing you in your swing.

I miss hearing you yell “Yo Adrian” when you embarrassed mom as she tried to run away from you. Or this one is a peterbuilt. Believe it or not I even miss finding little play spiders in my bed. I miss waking up to a horrible scary creature standing in my doorway chuckling. I miss you chasing me around the house with cave crickets. I miss you greeting me with ” Hey baby!” I miss seeing you ride Devan around the yard on your John Deere tractor when he was a baby. I miss your gentle voice. I miss seeing you play softball and hearing everyone call you “Big Cheese”. I miss being tossed around in your van. I miss your truck–Booger! I miss seeing you run after “naked man”  across the street when he kept flashing me and my friends. I miss you cutting my toenails, b/c if I did it myself they would become ingrown. I miss our dinner together at the Melon Patch. I miss you coming to stay  at my house.  I miss your huge generous heart. I miss you dancing with mom in the kitchen. I miss getting to hug and kiss you. I miss Devan having a papaw that thought he hung the moon. I miss your steaks. I miss hearing you asking for Juuuicce. I miss your stubborness. I miss your independent spirit. I miss seeing you with food all over your clothes. I miss seeing you in your colts jersey. I miss the way you love cherry flavored anything. I miss seeing you watch a scary movie.—it would crack me up. I miss walking in and catching you watching cartoons. Oh my goodness how I miss your contagious laugh. I miss sneaking you in red velveet cake at the hospital. I miss Christmas after all gifts were opened you would come out with me, Meredith and mom a special gift of jewlery just from you. I miss hearing that beautiful pray you prayed in the hospital that gave me the peace I had prayed for know I will see you again.

Most of all I miss having my daddy here with me. You may not have been my biological father, but from all that you did for me–I think it makes you more than a step-dad, it definetly qualifies you for a daddy. Thank you so much for being such a great dad to me and Derrick and an amazing papaw to Devan. Thank you for loving my mom so much! Thank you for taking on 3 small bratty children. I LOVE YOU RANDALL ALLEN GRAHAM, SR. —forever and ever. I will see you again one day. I promise! God’s grace has allowed it.  I am not mad at God for taking you from us, I am grateful to God for taking you home with Him. He is the lucky one and so are you! You will be missed for the rest of my days!!!

Love your baby girl,


 This is from my husband Derrick.


I miss you more than you’ll ever know. I miss having you there to guide me when I have a problem or I’m working on the cars or just need to vent to someone. You’ve been a father to me and that’s meant more to me than I could tell you. You took me under your wing and made me a man’s man.  You were a friend, dad and my dude, as I am yours. I know as men we don’t say it enough but I love and miss you so much.  You don’t have to worry because i will take care of your babies the best I can or should I say the way you taught me to.

Love you,


This is from my son Devan.

Papaw, You couldn’t believe how much I miss you and think about you all the time.  I miss everything about you. I miss fishing with you and daddy. I miss your pancakes and bacon. I miss all the great times we had together.  I miss how you would let me watch t.v. when I was grounded…LOL 🙂  The times I shared with you are times I wouldn’t trade for the world. I love you Papaw and I’m really looking forward to seeing you again.

Love, Devan

This is from my nephew Bradley.


You have no idea how much I miss you. I think about you everday and miss you, and one day I hope to see you again. I miss you!




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