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Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

July 20, 2009

Well tomorrow is your 14th birthday! Gosh, I am getting old. More importantly you are growing up. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and know that I am the luckiest woman in the entire world for getting such a beautiful gift from God—-YOU!

Here are 14 things I would like for you to know:

1. God’s creations are perfect!

2.  God does not make mistakes!

3. You are God’s creation and he did not make a mistake in your creation!

4.  You are a gift from God!

5. God’s love is unconditonal!

6. Mine and your dad’s love for your unconditonal!

7. You were created by God–uniquely!

8. You are unique! I love your uniqueness!

9. You have a huge- loving- caring- heart!

10.  God sees all of us from the inside (our hearts), he doesn’t care what our outside looks like.

11.  Don’t ever let anyone make you feel you are not good enough!

12.  Don’t ever “feed” into other people ignorance and preduices!!! They can’t measure your self worth.

13.  Your character and your heart is what determines the kind of person you are and you are incredibly beautfiul!

14.  Each and every hurt you experience throughout your life, is your chance to learn and grow! Try to remember that in your pain and hurt! God will NEVER leave your side!

I love you INSIDE and OUT!

Your mom!


What God sees

July 20, 2009

I really find writing down my feelings is very theapetic. These are only my opinions so forgive me if they are not scientifically proven….

I truly believe that God sees our beauty not from the outside but from the inside. Our beauty is our heart and our character.

I know that we are all guilty of “juding a book by its cover”! It is not a something that I am proud of. At the same time, I think our outward appearence is something that says things about us. It is something that we show the world about ourselves. When we see a teen dressed all in black–we could think Oh they worship satan, or oh they are a very unhappy person–or we could say wow they are very unique. Whose to say what their inside is really like. You would have to invest time into that person to know what is in their heart. Maybe when we look at others we can remind ourselves that we are unique and we should not clump people together by what they wear, the names on their clothing or the color of their skin.

Color of someones skin……this one hits home for me and I have some very strong opinions on this. U ready to hear this???? Well I am ready to get it out, so here we go…

It is proven medically that as humans we are all made of the same organs. Each organ provides its own functions within us. Our blood is all red and it saves the same purpose in all of our bodies. My point being, that our insides are all the exact same!!!!!!!!  So tell me why the “shade” of our skin is so freakin important to people. That is absoultely ignorant. So if you have a darker (than white) skin shade, what that someone makes you not as good? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Most of this is taught to us by uneducated ignorant parents. We keep passing this stupidity on to our children and theirs. It needs to stop.

As a parent, I know my childs heart. I know what his character is made of. I know that he is been the best blessing I have ever received from God. I know my child is not and will never be perfect and I don’t except him to be. I know that a day will come when he will break my heart and disappoint me. Does that mean I will love him any less? Hell no! He is so incredible, he is amazing, he is loving and compassionate, he can be so self-less, he wears his heart on his sleeve. He opens the door for his mom. He is loyal and  he is real. He is honest. He is open minded. He knows how to be a true friend. He tends to be shy at times, and it may come off as being stuck up, but there is nothing stuck up about him. He walks to the beat of his own drum, he has great taste in music, clothes, etc. It is very unique!  Some darker skinned people may say–he acts/dresses like a white boy! Some lighter skinned people may say–oh no he is black, he better not even talk to my son or daughter. Why is that???? Based solely on his skin color???? What about all the qualites I just listed above??? Does that not count for anything???? I would think your child should be honored to have a friend in him.  I could not imagine telling my son NO YOU STAY AWAY FROM THAT GIRL….. she is white/black/hispanic/asisan…… that is so stupid and ignorant. I tell my son to get to know someone by the contents of their inside—what is their heart like??

I have worked so hard to raise my son to be get to know people and figure if he wants to be friends with someone based on the contents of the heart and character, it would never occur to me to teach him to hate people depending on the shade of the skin.  I have taught my son that as humans we are all unique. That is not something to hate in another that is a good thing. I dreamed for my son that he would have this great self confidence about him. I wanted him to believe in himself. I would like to say thank you to all the ignorant parents out there who are raising ignorant children. Thank you for teaching my son that there is something wrong with him, not because of anything his has done or said, but becuase of the the color of his skin. You tell your children, you can’t be friends with him, stay away from him….why??????  have you ever met him???? has his done or said something hurtful to you or your child????? NO HE ONLY WANTED TO BE FRIENDS WITH THEM AND SHOW THEM KINDNESS!!!!!!   

I feel so sorry for these kids…. I just pray that when they grow up they will break this cycle for their children.

Here is my prayer: Please God reveal the lessons you need my son to learn in order to be stronger and better person. God open the eyes of these people, help them to understand that you don’t rank us from good to bad on our outward apperances but from what our inside holds. God teach us all how to look at people with your pure love. I pray that we all love unconditionally. I pray that all these different sterotypes we place each other in are not from you, they are from us and they are usless and ignorant. Amen

I just wish that you would put yourself in our shoes…. What if your beautfiul, loving, terrific and amazing child were told over and over again by people that has never laid eyes on him or spoke to him that he can’t not be friends, talk to or hang out with their child because of something that he can’t control. It isn’t something that he did wrong. How would you feel as a parent??? How do explain that to your child? How do you teach them that they are just as good everyone else when people keep showing him his is not……