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September 28, 2009

Well my brother told me I needed to blog so here it goes:

My cousin Jess got married this weekend. She was so beautiful! As soon as I turned to see her walk down the aisle I immediately lost it and started sobbing. She looks just like my aunt. When you lose someone whom you loved so much, it is hard to see them again but at the same time it is amazing. What an amazing gift to all that attended! Not only did we get to see the baby girl get married we all got to look at my aunt’s beautiful face! Congrats to Jess and Kelly–you two make a wonderful couple. I have no doubt this marriage will last a lifetime!

Northbridge is going great! We had a very good turn out this Sunday! yeah… I am so proud to get to be part of this church. It is not a church that is out to make people for bad about themselves, less than perfect. It’s about all of us non-perfect people coming together to worship, learn and grow in Christ. I love that! No one is looking at you in judgement or with critisism. It great! After this week we will be going out in the community for 4 weeks–Exodus series! We want to show people in our community that we care! We want to help even if it is a small way, because the people in Chattanooga matter!

Devan is growing so fast! I can’t stand it. It seems like yesterday he was into everything and I was chasing him around. Lord I miss that! He is such a sweet young man…He has a good soul just like his dad!

Hung out with Krista yesterday and I had a really good time. We are a lot alike with our shopping as well. We see a lot of things and then by the time we get to the register we have put most everything back. I thought I was the only one who did that.

My brother and I hung out on Friday–Derrick was working and Devan was at a friends. We had dinner and starbucks afterwards—a long talk…It was great! He has a way of making things make sense when I can’t get it too! I know that I can talk to him about anything and he will care! I love him so much! Oh and he almost got me beat up at Walmart last night…He kept pulling the steering wheel of my car so that I had to finally stop after his making me merge right. Well I was laughing and I didn’t think about a car being beside me so I just started and got back in the left side of the lane—oops angry woman beside me that I almost hit did not like that a bit. I parked by her and she was sooooooo angry—you could tell she wanted to beat me up so bad….lol   Fun times!

My husband it finally getting to work now! whooo hooooo! I do miss him when he works, but it gets really tight without the work. He is such a sweet man! Even when he is laid off he works his butt off to make sure we are taken care of. He is incredible. There is no end to his generousity and love. I love you Derrick Greene….